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PLIRdiscussionFeb25th - PLIR Discussion Feb 25th 1 What is...

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PLIR Discussion Feb 25 th 1. What is the independent variable? Proximity with powerful state 2. What is the dependent variable? Defense alliance strategy 3. H1 because given the null hypothesis, there are more states likely to align against the powerful state and less to align with under close proximity. Four functions of force- Art- - Deterrence- Threat of retaliation to prevent something undesirable from happening. - Defense- to ward off attack and minimize damage if attacked. Preemption is launching an attack when you know an enemy attack is imminent. Prevention is launching when it is inevitable but not momentary. If a country cannot attack well it will try employing deterrence. However there is no point in engaging in deterrence if it can defend well. - Compellence- Deployment of military to coerce to change the start point for one country that is doing something tolerable to the military of another - Swaggering- Peaceful use of force for national pride, domestic politics etc.
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