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RELI 2080

RELI 2080 - paganism their failure to believe in the day of...

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Uthman ibn Fudi (Brenner)- - He had many teachers including his father. - Region where Muslim community was divided. King had autocratic power; which he exercised in religious, economic matters. People followed him because they were suspicious of the rulers. - Fudi had a legalistic orientation; right and wrong according to Islamic law. He was from the Maliki school of law. - Educating ordinary Muslims in the proper practices of Islam seemed to be one of his major goals (abolishing paganism) - Another was to develop a particularly wide and tolerant definition of what constituted the Muslim community. - After the jihad and estabishling the movement, Uthman retired from politics and devote his life to study. He gave the administration authority to his sons. Nur-Al-Albab (written in pre jihad times): - He feels that a lot of them are Muslims on the surface but in reality, their
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Unformatted text preview: paganism, their failure to believe in the day of judgment, their mockery of God all make them as good as unbelievers.-He criticizes the men who teach students the Islamic beliefs but not their wives, children and slaves (the latter being compulsory). He feels that it is important for a woman to obey her husband but obedience to God is the most important thing. -For the jews and Christians, he feels that following a religion according to what their fathers passed down is disbelief (although you cannot judge them before their converted)-He refers to the Quran and Sunnah particularly on all these matters saying this is prohibited.-Cannot provide food/water to nonmuslims ?-You must not cheat in business. Outlines importance of standardization of weights.-Prohibits too much respect and salutation to political leaders....
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