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Fabrication, wholesale _ retail

Fabrication, wholesale _ retail - Fabrication Fabrication...

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Unformatted text preview: Fabrication Fabrication SIDE QUARTERS PRIMALS (wholesale cuts) SUBPRIMALS RETAIL CUTS Primals: Primals: Leg Loin Rack Shoulder Flank Breast Foreshank Primals: Primals: Round Loin Rib Chuck Flank Plate Brisket Primals: Primals: Ham (Pork Ham Leg) Leg) Loin Boston Butt Picnic Shoulder Belly Spareribs Jowl Identification Tips Identification Primary factor for identification is BONE BONE Secondary factor is MUSCLE MUSCLE Muscle/Bone shape and size relationship Bone: Most reliable key for identification Most Retail cut names are often derived from bones bones Used as a guide to anatomical location Used Identification Identification Tips Tips Each of Each the seven the categories have an associated bone Picture courtesy of the American Meat Science Association Identification Tips Muscle: a. Number of muscles in cut b. Texture of Cut c. Size: Beef > Pork> Lamb Size: Distinguishing Between Species: Distinguishing Muscle Color: Beef ---- Bright Cherry Red Pork ----- Pinkish Red Cured Pork ----- Pink Lamb ----- Reddish Pink Beef Round Steak Beef Beef Chuck 7-Bone Beef Pork Rib Chop Pork Pork Shoulder Blade Steak Pork Lamb Rib Chops Lamb Pork Baby Back Ribs Pork Beef Loin T-Bone Steak Beef Retail Cuts Named by Recipe Retail • Example: London Broil – – – – Top Round Flank Steak Brisket Under blade UNIFORM RETAIL MEAT IDENTITY STANDARDS IDENTITY • DEVELOPED BY NATIONAL LIVESTOCK AND MEAT BOARD • NOT MANDATED BY LAW EXCEPT AT LOCAL LEVELS • MOST CHAINS USE TO SOME EXTENT URMIS LABEL URMIS 1. SPECIES 2. PRIMAL 3. RETAIL CUT BEEF LOIN TOP LOIN STEAK BNLS TOP • • • • • • STRIP STEAK KC STRIP STEAK NY STRIP STEAK VEIN STEAK HOTEL STEAK AMBASSADOR STEAK • BONELESS CLUB STEAK Meat Buying Meat Object ….Most Bang (Quality &/or Quantity) Object For the Buck For •The amount of purchase, small or large, The depends on several factors: depends •Storage space •Number to feed •Meat preference - lifestyle, cooking Meat preference, time to consume preference, •Money Buying Bulk for the Freezer Buying • Let’s say you buy an animal from the county fair for the freezer • What should you do? DRESSING % IS THE POUNDS OF CARCASS DIVIDED BY THE LIVE WEIGHT. 615 / 1000 = 61.5% Only 30% of weight, but 50% of Value forequarter hindquarter 430 POUNDS OF MEAT FOR YOUR FREEZER 431 / 615 = 70% Summary -- Saleable Beef Summary 1000 lb. Steer 61.5 % Dressing Percentage 615 lb. Carcass Ave. 61 - 63% Minus trimmed fat, bone, and waste ~70 % = 430 lb 430 lb. of Saleable Beef What does beef cost? What • 615 pounds X $1.50/ pound = $922.50 • 430 pounds of meat to put into freezer • $922.5/430 pounds = $2.15/ pound 1/3 Roast 1/3 Steak 1/3 Ground Beef/Stew Buying Large Buying • Beef Carcass – Sides & Quarters Total cost of side + Cost of cutting = Cost per lb. of usable Pounds of usable beef beef beef Carcass $/lb. 1.20 1.30 1.40 $/lb. of Usable Beef YG3 YG4 1.65 1.76 1.78 1.91 1.92 2.05 Summary -- Saleable Pork Summary 250 lb. Live hog 74 % Dressing Percentage 185 lb. Carcass Minus trimmed lard, bone, and waste ~20% = 37 lb. 148 lb. of Saleable Pork Buying Large Buying • Switch-a-Roo – Show you a very high quality, lean side of beef (average choice, yield grade 2); then switch with a yield grade 4 when they cut it. $174.30 1 3 3 1 3 50% FAT Buying Primals (Subprimals) (Subprimals) • Top Round - 2-3 London Broils, 3-4 Top Round Steaks, 2 Top Top Round Roasts Top • Ribeye Roll - 10-12 Ribeye Steaks or a Roast or a Ribeye combination of combination • Top Sirloin - 8-10 Top Sirloin Steaks Concerns -Concerns Initial money is high Initial May get stuck with low quality meat Be ware of the people selling meat out of the back of a Be truck! truck! Buying Small Buying • Factors that determine price per pound – Palatability – Availability – Bone Amount • Watch Ads • Rules of thumb: – Shoulder and leg cuts are cheaper than middle Shoulder meats meats – Steaks have a higher $/lb. than roasts – Decreasing order of expensiveness Lamb Beef Pork Pork Cost per Serving Cost Cost per Serving (CPS) = Price/lb. Divided by the number of servings • Ground beef $1.59/lb. (4 servings per Ground pound) pound) – $1.59/4 = $0.40 CPS • Pork chops $2.39/lb. (2.5 servings per Pork pound) pound) – $2.39/2.5 = $0.96 CPS • Spare Ribs $1.79/lb. (1 serving per pound) – $1.79/1 = $1.79 CPS Summary Summary • Shop around Shop • Check markdown section (out of date Check packages) packages) • Watch out for fly-by-night operations • Cut a little save a lot! ...
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