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Two Constitutions

Two Constitutions - I II III IV V First Constitution...

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I. First Constitution- Articles of Confederation a. The states remained sovereign b. One branch legislature c. Each state only had one vote i. Votes to amend should have unanimous vote ii. So power would still reside in states d. Only could serve 3 years for every 6 year period e. Did not have power to tax f. Almost 10 year period II. 10 year period a. First census- 4 million in 1790 b. Small farmers and artisans replaced merchants and lawyers c. Junk was made in the US because everyone went abroad to buy things d. Central government did not have power to coin money- states had their own money III. Foreign Policy a. Could not kick British out because they had weak central government IV. 1786 argue abound boundaries a. Were not enough people there b. Wanted to propose changes to articles c. Constitutional Convention V. Constitutional Convention a. State House- Independence Hall i. Closed door meetings b. People are by nature selfish i. Government checks greedy impulses c.
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  • Spring '11
  • Steinel
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