Progressives - By the end of the 19th c industry was the...

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By the end of the 19 th c- industry was the best- corporate power was corrupted by big groupings Early 20 th c needed to change that Populism wanted to fight against elite I. Progressivism- around 20 th century a. Roots in middle class America b. Formal movement- middle class rather than below c. progressivism- current movement has roots in earlier movement d. Constitution was not designed with those big corporations in mind i. JP Morgan and Rockefeller dominated ii. Saw them as elites who wanted to push mass Americans aside iii. Liberty and equality bashed heads iv. Jefferson- liberty- let people take care of their own business 1. Have big spread between people who do well and those that don’t a. Some people fall behind 2. Opposite of equality- have to redistribute- have to take away people’s liberty v. Industrialism became so large vi. Spoils men- people who could buy their way into political power vii. Thought nothing of spending $5,000 on bribes- people thought this was disrupting e. They would be managers, lawyers, teachers, doctors, artists i. Acted social Darwinism- survival of the fittest ii. Carnegie- people who rise to the top are going to help the world- competition iii. Crass materialism- gather as much as possible 1. Attacked this principle 2. Success is determined by home much you accumulate iv. The corruption of politics 1. Money could buy the central government
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Progressives - By the end of the 19th c industry was the...

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