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Notes-History - e Galileo astronomy Venus had phases f...

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Notes-History I. Current a. Not having Republican Virtue i. they want to do things for the government rather than take things away ii. farmers-independently minded b. 40% low turnout rates c. America’s military is still the one to beat i. But if the republic becomes weak it has to cut d. People want a lot but pay a little, want the government to pick up the tab e. People still believe they can talk to the congressman f. Campaigning, pay attention, vote, answer phones, discuss, donate money, run for office, g. When there is a crisis people look for someone who is going to save them II. Enlightenment a. Intellectual movement in which the central concept is reason b. Know yourself-Socrates; human nature-reason is a part, appetites are other components, revelation from God c. They say reason should be first d. Andrew Martinez- UC Berkeley- “reason should guide you”- naked in class
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Unformatted text preview: e. Galileo- astronomy, Venus had phases f. Isaac Newton- could make observations and mathematically describe them g. Continuance of the Renaissance- studied Plato and Cicero and the classics h. Political implications i. Got rid of traditions that would tell people what to do ii. Prolong superstition that would hold people back i. Progress replaces “heaven” i. American Dream- we live better than our parents III. Romanticism a. 19 th c said there was more to life than reason b. Deists- that God is present but that he does not govern in the affairs of man i. Separation between church and state c. Theists- God does d. Thomas Jefferson i. Religious freedom IV. Now a. Walter Russell Mead-blue social model i. Government regulation would help people keep jobs ii. communications b. if people get together and can talk and reason—the world will do better because of it...
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