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Got push forward during the Great Depression while they thought that Capitalism was dead William Buckley- conservative/libertarian Ronald Reagan- push in opposite direction Modern American Political Thought I. Ideology a. Negative b. Marxist- scientific idea of how it works c. What is the nature of human nature, how does it guide us? d. Attitudes and Beliefs (Values) e. Beliefs- opinions about the structure of the world f. Value judgments about what you like in the world g. Human nature and the good society i. Human nature- Know what you are like as a human and as an individual ii. Good society- h. Impossible to not be i. Ex reading ALL of Obamacare and understanding it to make a decision II. Left and right; Liberal -----middle---
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Unformatted text preview: conservative a. Maddox and Lillie i. Government role in economy; personal freedom issues 1. Peoples sex lives, marriage, TV, etc 2. 4 ideological types ii. Govt big role in economy, none on personal- liberal; iii. Govt has to be involved in personal issues; none on economy- Conservative iv. No govt in economy; no on personal issues- libertarian v. govt in economy and personal issues- statists b. Professor Hunter- your ideology is your value judgment of good and evil- bound up with religious impulses c. Nieeche- westerners get their values from religions d. Orthodox people- known- most are religious but Socratese was too e. Progressive- Protagoras in Ancient Greece- we can’t decide f. 1972-on: 20% liberal; 40% conservatives...
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