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Texbook-Lincoln What Lincoln Believed He did not want to go to war He would have rather compromised “great commoner” myth- Benjamin Harrison & Clinton showed their “common roots” He was a self made men o Lawyer that did well, lived in a fine house o Lived pretty comfortably “Great Emancipator”- did not believe in a post-racial America Antisocialist Loved Henry Clay Ronald Reagan- best President; John Kennedy was 2 nd ; Lincoln was 3 rd ; Democracy Reborn
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Unformatted text preview: Before the civil war and after the civil war- liberty was important before; equality more important second Bobo’s in Paradise- David Brooks Resident right winger at NY Times Of course we have an elite America- on camera- aren’t the janitors How you get to be an elite o You get there because of your accomplishments o what family are you from- now it is what school you went to Hughie Long would scream during debates so no one could vote… etc...
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