The World of 1491

The World of 1491 - World History 1500 (Lecture) The World...

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World History 1500 (Lecture) The World of 1491: 1. Ways of Life 2. The State a. Monarchy b. Administrative Elite 3. Commerce/Industry 1. The world is a simple society mostly concerned with survival/starvation 1492 is when the widespread lifestyle of hunting/gathering ends incoming industrialization of guns/advanced weaponry leads to end of nomadic peoples AGRICULTURE replaces nomadic/hunting&gathering societies Farmers end up at bottom of social hierarchy so then civilization stabilizes until develops agricultural surplus [something about cities] 2a . Not all land is owned by states, but the majority is with hereditary monarchy as the principal form of government system of inheritance that keeps the power within one ruling family small governments controlled by a limited number of people, such as city-states Rulers are largely judged by their success (or lack thereof) in war All power tied to religion (no such thing as secularity) idea of priest-king Not only political power but divine religious power as well: right to rule is given
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The World of 1491 - World History 1500 (Lecture) The World...

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