The Colonization of Catholicism

The Colonization of Catholicism - The Colonization of...

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The Colonization of Catholicism 1. The View from Rome a.)Church of the Spanish Empire b.) Congregation of Propaganda of Faith 2. Missionaries a.) Jesuits b.) Mendicant Order 3. Missions a.) French Canada b.) China c.) Japan 1a. Catholic Church regaining parts of Protestant Europe Growth of Catholic countries (Portugal and Spain) also boost church’s power Spain considers themselves champion of Catholic church: challenging pagans/Muslims, etc really big on converting the peoples they conquer/colonize by completely destroying native religions. military/government aspect of ruining existing religious structures as well as preaching of Spanish priests to native populations meets with a lot of initial resistance, but gradually spreads to natives Spanish actually think of themselves as more Catholic than Pope—kind of power reversal 1b. Congregation formed to promote missionary work and spread Catholicism around world wants to make sure Catholicism beyond Europe is working correctly Catholics are more likely than Protestants to travel around the world to remote places to spread faith 2a. Jesuits founded in 1540 as an intellectual elite—became a very large group quickly Anti-Protestant organization that always held global focus 2b. Mendicant orders are older than Jesuits Mendicant=beggars because not allowed to own anything of their own 3a. France starts later than Portugal/Spain on colonization
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The Colonization of Catholicism - The Colonization of...

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