Empires and Frontiers

Empires and Frontiers - Empires and Frontiers 1. Readvance...

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Empires and Frontiers 1. Readvance of Agrarian Colonization a.) frontier zones b.) cultural transfer 2. Ruling “The Barbarians” a.) conquest b.) forcible acculturation c.) instituting property 3. Case Studies a.) Mexican far north b.) Scottish highlands c.) Qing Central Asia 1a. Frontier zones are areas in between an expanding agrarian civilization and another group of people with a different form of society these zones serve as cultural intermediary, sometimes are safer in between two empires because neither side can make the first move into the zone 1b. Frontiers usually have move personal freedom and experience technology transfers from outside empires 2a. Empires advance through violence—they grow at through conquest at the expense of others previously barbarians tended to be the attackers, the ones who invaded civilizations now in 17 th /18 th centuries, civilized cultures are subduing “barbarians” i.e. peoples of colonized lands. genocide is one way civilized societies conquer barbarians 2b. Forcible Acculturation: transform the natives into loyal subjects of the colonizing empire religious conversion is one way to accomplish this. usually do this be utilizing religious leaders already in place in native societies because people more willing to follow their own priests, etc (form of manipulation) 2c. Colonizers also have to change the relationship native people have with the land most native societies don’t carry the European concept of owning land Nomads/herders use land, they don’t own it (although some ppl have idea of territory) Europeans on other hand see power through land ownership—very important to own land
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Empires and Frontiers - Empires and Frontiers 1. Readvance...

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