Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Recovery 1300s-1400s 1. Fragile...

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Chapter 15: Recovery 1300s-1400s 1. Fragile Empires in Africa 2. Imperialism in Americas 3. Eurasia a.) Russia b.) Timurids c.) Ottoman d.) China 4. Imperialism of Ocean intro: Indian Ocean is extremely dangerous to travel on—but ocean is so important in terms of connectivity and trade. population and technology begin bouncing back slowly late 1300s. gradual trend of growing strengthen in Americas and Africa 1. Ethiopia begins to conquer and grow—demonstrating interest in Red Sea and Indian Ocean traded slaves/gold/ivory/perfume—thus trade becomes the main source of wealth and also allows greater expansion by this time Ethiopia has been Catholic for a verrry long time The Mali Empire has fallen by the time the Portuguese comes around, so in a vulnerable position also encourages European idea that Africans are disorganized and weak after Mali Songhay becomes the most powerful—also a full blown Muslim state as trade routes develop through Sahara, Niger River becomes more and more important Portugal is heavily invested in Africa by 1450—Congo really adopted Portugal as a model, both their language and religion. develops in a very open, mutual relationship 2. ecological imperialism: the environmental changes Europeans caused during colonization the Inca empire grew very quickly—within just three rulers’ regimes
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Chapter 15 - Chapter 15: Recovery 1300s-1400s 1. Fragile...

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