Darwin’s Legacy

Darwin’s Legacy - Darwins Legacy Darwins...

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Darwin’s Legacy Darwin’s grandfather even studied evolution understanding gradual biological changes over long, long periods of time (Darwin elaborated on a lot of his grandfather’s ideas) CHARLES DARWIN (1809-1882) “On the Origin of Species” 1859 from an upper class English family, always interested in nature and science so goes to study at med school. then family wants him to be in clergy, actually learns more about natural world through studies of theology. Signs on to a five year expedition (1831-36) around the world to study geology and wildlife route: along Brazil, around S. America to Australia, skips India and travels up Africa challenges the idea of the fixed nature of species Important Experiences on Voyage: 1. Observation of diverse flora/fauna 2. Earthquake in Chile 3. Fossils of extinct animals so he can see that extinct forms RESEMBLE modern animals…as if they changed over time to become something different but related… All of these peak Darwin’s interest and certainty in evolution (especially fossils) finches: sees ground finches in Galapagos islands (animals/birds/plants are much more diverse on the islands) each island has their own type of finch—like the developed differently. they resemble but are not exactly like other species found on the mainland— like a modified version. examined the variety of beaks. the species vary
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Darwin’s Legacy - Darwins Legacy Darwins...

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