Evolutionary Thought

Evolutionary Thought - Development of Evolutionary Thought...

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Development of Evolutionary Thought through History: def of evolution: biological change over time that transforms one species into another theory of evolution naturally pits religion against science because about the creation and development of life Scopes Trial 1925 Clarence Darrow v. William Jennings Bryan evolution is protected by separation of church and state ANCIENT GREECE Anaximander (6 th Century BCE) looked for origins of biological phenomena that did not rely on myths or religion believed water was source of life humans descended from fish **crucial that thought humans evolved from animals and that species change Plato (427-347 BCE) “eidos”= “form” the eidos is the abstract fundamental essence of the world all things are derived from this conceptual essence (how the concept of the circle helps us relate to all the other varied somewhat circular things in the world) EIDOS IS FIXED AND UNCHANGABLE natural world had always existed in the form it exists today Aristotle (384-322 BCE) appreciated, observed and recorded organic diversity organized and classified organisms into “Scala naturae” (Great Chain of Being) with humans on the top. hierarchal ladder of organisms based on complexity—still with only linear chain up and down the ladder thought all species possessed an absolutely fixed essence that could not be altered
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Evolutionary Thought - Development of Evolutionary Thought...

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