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Forces of Evolution

Forces of Evolution - FORCES OF EVOLUTION mutation natural...

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FORCES OF EVOLUTION: mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, gene flow and nonrandom mating all factors that might be causing evolution within a population. next step after identifying evolution is to determine what is occurring. Mutation: def: any alteration in genetic material. a copying error during DNA replication, chromosomal mutations or point mutations, deletions/insertions, etc. mutations are chance, rare and create new alleles and thus greater variety. Natural Selection: alleles that confer an increased likelihood of survival to reproduction will be passed on to the next generation with greater frequency directional selection : selection for either greater or lesser frequency of a trait in pop so the trait has a direction: either become more common or less stabilizing selection: selection that maintains a certain phenotype by selecting against deviations from the trait. i.e. trying to prevent other traits from getting in the way of this necessary gene. ex: birth weight of human babies.
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