Genetic and Evolution

Genetic and Evolution - GENETICS AND EVOLUTION Main mystery...

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GENETICS AND EVOLUTION Main mystery of evolution at this point is the mechanism of heredity: passing on of genes Early theory of inheritance: blending of traits, like an average of traits. ex. white flower + red flower = pink flower. Blending theory not conducive to Darwinian evolutionary theory Because blending ends up wiping out the variety within a species that is necessary If all genes average out, gradually every animal in a species becomes identical, which allows no variation or change over time everyone can SEE inheritance—black cows give birth to black cows, Asian parents have Asian babies. so we can see traits being passed down to offspring but we don’t understand how or why GREGOR MENDEL (1822-1884) Mendelian Inheritance: led a systematic investigation of inheritance using a large number of pea plants. Demonstrated Particulate Inheritance —genes are not changed from their original format when they are passed down, they aren’t altered or blended (entire purpose of study is to witness inheritance directly) Pea plant is a really good choice because it shows variation really well and it’s easy to control pollination. Also have pure-breeding lines—allows certainty that you have plants that always have a certain trait, makes it easier to view any changes as result in crossing two diff plants Ex. Seed shape- round v. wrinkled One pure round parent and one pure wrinkled parent
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Genetic and Evolution - GENETICS AND EVOLUTION Main mystery...

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