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GENOTYPE TO PHENOTYPE phenotype is the visual representation of the genotype—phenotype is the result of genotype role of genetic material: 1. must replicate accurately 2. provide a stable structure 3. capable of coding diverse information, like proteins 4. capable of transmitting this information, regulating development and normal cell function nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA—phosphate, nitrogen base and sugar are main components of DNA. bases = A, G, T, and C then realized that A and T match together and G and C go together. DNA is not made up of 25% of each base, some are more prevalent than others, but the ones that go together (complements) are usually equal early x-rays help reveal that DNA is organized into a ladder-chain type thing breakthrough: James Watson and Francis Crick create DNA model in 1953. the shape is a double helix ladder with phosphate and sugar as the sides of the ladder and the complementing bases as the rungs a.) the specificity of base pairing allows DNA to be able to self-replicate because
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