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Psychology’s Present: Behavior, Body, Mind, and Culture The Major Psychological Perspectives o Biological Perspective ! How bodily events affect behavior, feelings, and thoughts. o Learning Perspective ! How the environment and experience affect a person’s actions. o Cognitive Perspective ! Emphasizes what goes on in people’s heads. o Sociocultural Perspective ! Focuses on social and cultural forces outside the individual. o Psychodynamic Perspective ! Unconscious dynamics within the individual. Other Influential Movements in Psychology o Humanists Psychologists – people are capable of free will and their actions are not completely determined by unconscious decisions and the environment. o Feminist Psychology – advanced psychology to be a study of all human beings. What Psychologists Do Psychological Research o Basic Psychology – “pure” research
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Unformatted text preview: o Applied Psychology – practical uses of knowledge • Psychological Practice o Improve people’s physical and mental health. o Counseling Psychologists – help people deal with problems from every day life. o School Psychologists – work with parents, teachers, and students to improve student’s performance and resolve emotional difficulties. o Clinical Psychologists – diagnose, treat, and study mental or emotional problems. o Psychotherapist – anyone who does any kind of psychotherapy. o Psychoanalyst – practices one particular form of therapy. o Psychiatrist – medical doctor that has done a three-year residency in psychiatry to learn how to diagnose and treat mental disorders. • Psychology in the Community o Psychologists today are used in many different areas of work....
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