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PowerRoles - o I attribute my successes to dispositional...

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Unformatted text preview: o I attribute my successes to dispositional factors and my failures to situational factors. o Slightly delusional bias, boosts your mental health. • Just-World Hypothesis o The belief that good people are rewarded and bad people are punished. o But it can lead to blaming the victim. The Power of Roles • Obedience Study (Milgram): o Every single person administered some shock o About 2/3 obeyed to the fullest extent o In subsequent research Milgram found that participants disobeyed: " When the experimenter left the room " When the victim was right there in the room • • When the two experimenters issued conflicting demands. When the person ordering them to continue was an ordinary man ! When the subject worked with peers who refused to go further o Top 100 pieces of research in psychology Zimbardo Prison Study: o Within a short time the prisoners became distressed, helpless, and panicky. o The prisoners also developed emotional symptoms and physical ailments o Some guards tried to be nice but some were tough o About 1/3 became tyrannical Why would people obey when they would rather not? o Allocating responsibility to the authority o Routinizing the task o Wanting to be polite to the authority o Becoming entrapped – escalate their commitment to a course of action in order to justify their investment in it ! ! ...
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