PersonalityUnderstanding - o Honestly kindness"...

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Chapter 13: Understanding Human Personality Type Personality Theory Personality Types o Distinct patterns of personality o Label of personality o Non overlapping ! If assigned to one type, that’s it Hippocrates’ humor (5 th century) o Body contains 4 fluids ! Blood ! Phlegm ! Black vile ! Yellow vile o Temperament and personality depends on what type of fluid is in the body Galen’s Personality Temperament o Goes along with Hippocrates o Believed up through the middle ages Sulloway’s Theory of birth order (1995) o First Born ! Ready made niche ! Command parents love and attention o Later Born ! Born to rebel ! Need to find a different niche ! Do not so clearly follow parents example Trait Personality Theories Personality Traits o Continuous o Intelligent o Friendliness o Allport’s Trait Approach ! Traits rely on different stimuli " Cardinal traits Trait that we base our lives off of " Central Traits Major characteristics of a person
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Unformatted text preview: o Honestly, kindness " Secondary • Characterize behavior, but not personality o Food or dress preference o Stimulus (giving a speech) # Trait (Shyness) # Responses (blushing) ! Trait can affect how you react • Personality Circle o 4 main categories ! Extraverted vs. Introverted ! Unstable vs. Stable ! • Five Factor Model Theory (current) o Extraversion o Agreeableness o Conscientiousness o Neuroticism o Openness to experience Traits and Heritability • Behavioral Genetics o Study of the degree that personality traits and behavior patterns are inherited • Family Studies (environmental) • Twin studies o Prove that genetics have something to do with personality • Consistency Paradox o Personality ratings are consistent across time and among different observers, while behavior rating are not ! Personality is consistent, behavior is not consistent...
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PersonalityUnderstanding - o Honestly kindness"...

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