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Chapter 12: Emotion, Stress, and Health Emotion Feelings that involve o Subjective evaluation o Physiological processes o Cognitive beliefs Immediate responses to enviro events o Ex: being cut off in traffic Emotion vs. mood Facial expressions o Survival o Infants born with ability to show emotion o Eyes Three components o Subjective experience ! Feelings that accompany the emotions o Physical changes ! Increases in skin temperature, heart rate o Cognitive appraisal ! Peoples beliefs and understandings about why
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Unformatted text preview: they feel the way they do Theories of emotion James-Lange o Emotion is evoked by physical response The cannon-bard theory o Emotional stimulus produces two co-occurring reactions: physical arousal and emotion (bear attacks, feel sweat heart pounds AND feel fear) Schachter-singer o 2 factor theory o joint effect of physiological arousal and cognitive appraisal that results in state of emotion Physiology Amygdala o Fear conditioning...
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