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ConformPsychology - o Milgram’s shock experiments on...

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Conform to Social norms o Social norms ! Expected standards of conducts which influence behavior " Standing in line o Conformity ! The altering of ones behaviors or opinions to match those of others o Experiment: ! See a point of light that appears to move but didn’t really. " When alone A lot of differences o People were saying many different distances " With other people: Influenced by the others o Answers were similar o Experiment: ! Asch study: " Even with a really easy answer, a person will go along with the wrong answer even when he knows they are all wrong When do we conform o If there are only one or two confederates (fake participants), the participant does NOT conform o 3 or more, participant conforms Obedient to Authority
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Unformatted text preview: o Milgram’s shock experiments on obedience ! You “teacher” meet the other participant (really he is working for the researcher) who would be the “learner” ! Learner then shows fear of being shocked, teacher (you) must do the shocking ! Researcher is acting as authority figure and making them go on shocking ! How far will the person go? " Hypothesis • People are obedient to authority figures ! Results " Condition one: can hear but not see the individual • Tried to quit, but 2/3 obeyed " Condition two: can see individual • Less then 1/3 obeyed ! Conclusions " Most people will obey even hideous orders, but will not want to do so as much when they feel more directly responsible...
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ConformPsychology - o Milgram’s shock experiments on...

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