StructureoftheBrain - multi-tasking Endocrine System •...

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Brain Structures Brain Stem o Medulla ! Center for breathing, blood pressure and heart beat o Pons ! sleep, dreaming, left–right body coordination, and arousal o Reticular Formation ! Attention o Thalamus ! Relays incoming sensory information to the cerebral cortex o Cerebellum ! Coordinates bodily movements, controls posture and maintains equilibrium Limbic System o Hippocampus ! Acquisition of implicit memory o Amygdala ! Controls emotion, aggression and formation of emotional memory. Controls fear. o Hypothalamus ! Regulates motivated behavior. Hunger and sex. Cerebrum o Occupies 2/3 of the brain Cerebral Cortex o Outer layer of the cerebrum Cerebral Hemispheres o 2 halves of the brain ! Left " Analytic ! Right " Holistic o connected by the corpus ! Corpus " Sends messages back and forth 4 main lobes o Parietal ! Top Back ! Touch, taste, temperature o Occipital ! Back of the brain ! Visual center
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o Temporal ! Behind the temples ! Hearing o Frontal ! In the front ! Motor control, decision making, goal setting,
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Unformatted text preview: multi-tasking Endocrine System • Network of glands that manufacture and secrete hormones • Hormones o Chemical messengers that regulate metabolism and influence body growth, mood, sex • Pituitary Glands o Growth • Testosterone o Male sex • Estrogen o Female sex Plasticity and Neurogenesis • Plasticity o The idea that the brain is always changing o Environmental enrichment has an impact ! Leads to formation of new synapses • Stem Cells o Unspecialized cells that under appropriate conditions can be prompted to function as new neurons • Neurogenesis o The production of new brain cells from naturally occurring stem cells Recap • Heredity and Behavior o Evolution and natural selection • Nervous system o The Neuron o Action Potentials o Synaptic Transmissions o Neurotransmitters • Biology and Behavior o Nervous System o Brain structure o Hemispheric lateralization o Endocrine system o Plasticity and Neurogenesis...
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StructureoftheBrain - multi-tasking Endocrine System •...

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