TheNeurons - fire Resting Potential o Polarization of...

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Neuron A cell in the nervous system specialized to receive, process, and or transmit information to other cells Major Structures o Dendrites ! Receptors o Soma ! Cell body o Nucleus ! Center o Axon ! Neural impulse travel o Terminal Buttons ! The end ! Contain neurotransmitters Sensory Neurons o Carry messages from sense receptor cells (sound or light) toward CNS Motor Neuron o Carry messages from CNS toward muscles and glands Interneuron o Relay messages all over EXAMPLE: hurt finger " sensory in finger " interneuron " motor Glial Cells o Hold the cells together (like glue) o Help in the neural transition Excitatory Input o Information entering a neuron that signals it to respond and fire Inhibitory Input o Information entering that signals it to NOT respond and
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Unformatted text preview: fire Resting Potential o Polarization of cellular fluid within a neuron with respect to fluid outside a neuron o Provides the electrochemical context to produce an action potential Action Potential o The nerve impulse Properties of Action Potential o All or none law ! Neuron either fires or does not fire o Refectory Period ! A period during which further stimulation cannot cause another action potential Synaptic Transmission o Synapse ! The gap between one neuron and another o Synaptic Transmission ! The relying of information from one to another across the gap o Neurotransmitters ! Chemical messengers of info sent across the gap...
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TheNeurons - fire Resting Potential o Polarization of...

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