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TherapiesforDisorder - Chapter 15 Therapies for...

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Chapter 15: Therapies for Psychological Disorders Goals of Major Therapies Diagnosis Proposing a probable Etiology (cause or origin) Prognosis Treatment planning Biomedical Therapies Alter brain functioning with chemical or physical interventions o Drugs and surgery Psychotherapy Focus on changing faulty behaviors, thoughts, perceptions, emotions Using therapists o Clinical social workers ! Look at that the social setting could be the issue o Pastoral Counselor ! Spiritual approach o Clinical Psychologist ! Have a PHD or PSYD ! have a broader background o Counseling Psychologist ! Schools, marriages, businesses, prisons ! Specific problems o Psychiatrist ! Specialized training is psychological disorders o Psychoanalyst ! Training in the Freudian approach to treat mental disorders History of Treatment 14 th century Europe o poverty and crime " psyc problems o Created huge houses to house the 3 misfits ! Poor, criminals, mentally disturbed o St Mary of Bethlehem (Bedlam) !
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