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Copy of table_pivot_data - Science Minnie 35 September Art...

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Month Subject Student Score September English Cinderala 87 September Maths Cinderala 65 September Science Cinderala 58 September Art Cinderala 89 September History Cinderala 81 September French Cinderala 62 October English Cinderala 51 October Maths Cinderala 72 October Science Cinderala 89 October Art Cinderala 83 October History Cinderala 84 October French Cinderala 57 November English Cinderala 41 November Maths Cinderala 71 November Science Cinderala 41 November Art Cinderala 92 November History Cinderala 91 November French Cinderala 56 December English Cinderala 91 December Maths Cinderala 85 December Science Cinderala 64 December Art Cinderala 74 December History Cinderala 77 December French Cinderala 81 September Engish Minnie 87 September Maths Minnie 53 September
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Unformatted text preview: Science Minnie 35 September Art Minnie 61 September History Minnie 58 September French Minnie 92 October Engish Minnie 68 October Maths Minnie 54 October Science Minnie 56 October Art Minnie 59 October History Minnie 61 October French Minnie 93 November Engish Minnie 41 November Maths Minnie 35 November Science Minnie 41 November Art Minnie 48 November History Minnie 67 November French Minnie 90 December Engish Minnie 67 December Maths Minnie 87 December Science Minnie 51 December Art Minnie 69 December History Minnie 88 December French Minnie 90...
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This note was uploaded on 03/02/2011 for the course BMGT 301 taught by Professor Wang during the Spring '08 term at Maryland.

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Copy of table_pivot_data - Science Minnie 35 September Art...

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