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LECTURE NOTE TAKING TIPS 1. You learn better by taking notes actively than by tape-recording a lecture passively. Besides, reviewing written notes takes less time than does listening to a taped lecture. 2. Keep a separate notebook for each course. Date, number and label notes from each class period. Also date and label handouts from each class and attach to notes. 3. Complete the reading assignment due the day of the lecture before you attend class. The material will make a lot more sense. 4. Come to the lecture well prepared with your laptop, favorite pen, back up pen, pencil or two, your notebook, any applicable handouts, any study guides on the readings assigned for the day, and anything else you think you may need. Unlike when you travel, it’s better to overpack for class than to underpack. 5. Sit near the front towards the center. You can see the board and screen better, hear the lecture better, and avoid distractions more easily. In addition, there’s some evidence that students who sit front and center perform better on tests. (Unless you’re in those seats only because every other seat in the back was taken.) 6. Arrive early to warm up your mind. Review your notes from the previous class and from the readings assigned for the day. 7. Take note of what you don’t completely understand from the last class and assigned readings, and plan to ask for clarification as early in the class as possible. 8. Avoid cramming your notes or writing them too small. Strive for easy readability. Leave a generous left margin, as you may want to use it later to write in key words and abbreviations for important material. 9.
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