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10 PRINCIPLES OF WORKING IN TEAMS 1. Insist on high standards, exercise patience and willingness to compromise. 2. Listen objectively to the ideas of others and offer only constructive criticism. Take five minutes or so each in turn to share your thoughts and tentative conclusions about the issues. When someone is taking their turn the others should not interrupt with arguments or comments, though brief questions for clarification may be reasonable. Listen to everyone’s ideas and write down notes of the points they emphasize as important. 3. Delegation is a key to group success, plus having a sense of humor. 4. Encouraging less motivated team members is your job. 5. Usually there needs to be a leader or organizer for a group to be effective.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Arrive on time for meetings and do thorough advance preparation. Be sure you have read the material and thought about it before the meeting. Don’t make up your mind about what to do or what conclusion to come to, but rather thing about what will be the important relevant considerations to be taken into account and possible points of view. 7. Exhibit enthusiasm! 8. Strive for clear communication. Recap to ensure agreement has been reached on what course of action the group will follow. 9. Stay focused on the task and discourage frivolous conversation. 10. Beware of anyone who wants to be the secretary or typist in place of thinking....
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