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The Truth Table Description Symbol True or False State a statement p T T F F a statement q T F T F not p denial ~ p F F T T not q denial ~ q F T F T p and q conjunction p q p · q T F F F ~p and ~ q conjunction of negation ~p ~ q F F F T ~( p and q ) negation of conjunction ~(p q) F T T T p or q (inclusive) inclusive disjunction p q T T T F ~ p or ~ q disjunction of negation ~p
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Unformatted text preview: ~ q T T T F ~(p or q ) negation of disjunction ~(p q) F F F T p or q (exclusive) exclusive disjunction p XOR q F T T F if p then q conditional p q p q T F T T p if and only if q biconditional p q p q T F F T...
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