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dynamical-systems-hw07 - (rating = E Strogatz 3.6.2 Section...

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Instructor: Wayne Hacker Math 550.391-f08 Homework Set 7: ODEs on the real line Grading Scheme for homework problems: Each problem will be graded according to the following scheme: Minor algebra/calculus mistake with a correct approach: 2 out of 3 points given Major algebra/calculus mistake with a correct approach: 1 out of 3 points given Wrong approach: 0 points given The differences between major and minor mistakes will be determined by the instructor, not the student! This algorithm will be strictly enforced. No exceptions! Difficulty Rating Scale: Next to each problem will be the following labels. E = Elementary Level Problem I = Intermediate Level Problem D = Difficult Level Problem The Problems: Section 3.5 Problems : Problem 1: (rating = I) Strogatz 3.5.6 parts (a)-(b) Problem 2: (rating = I) Strogatz 3.5.6 parts (c)-(d) Section 3.6 Problems : Problem 3:
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Unformatted text preview: (rating = E) Strogatz 3.6.2 Section 4.1 Problems : Problem 4: (rating = E) Strogatz 4.1.2 Problem 5: (rating = E) Strogatz 4.1.5 Problem 6: (rating = I) Strogatz 4.1.8 Section 4.2 Problems : Problem 7: (rating = I) Strogatz 4.2.2 Math 550.391, Homework Set 4-f08, Hackernotes c ± Wayne Hacker 2008. All rights reserved. 2 Section 4.3 Problems : Problem 8: (rating = E) Strogatz 4.3.2 Problem 9: (rating = E) Strogatz 4.3.3 Section 4.4 Problems : Problem 10: (rating = E) Strogatz 4.4.1 Warning: While the answer in the back of the book is correct, it is misleading. In the text, Strogatz leaves time as a dimensional quantity. If your going to non-dimensionalize an equation, then you must non-dimensionalize all of the variables in the equation! In particular, you must non-dimensionalize time. (see my notes for details)....
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