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Comello Research paper. - Kyle Sims-Ruhe Mrs Comello Mrs...

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Kyle Sims-Ruhe Mrs. Comello & Mrs. Stauber C.P. English 9, Period 3 8 Mar. 2011 Space Exploration Space, is it really the final frontier? Is there more out there? Earth has been wondering about space since Adam and Eve gazed at the stars from the Garden of Eden. We have had a “space race” with Russia to see who could get to the moon first. And with excellent turn of events America got their first. There will be talks of the danger you will have in exploring space, about and unsuccessful space mission and one that went unsuccessfully successful. There are a lot of space races going on today in America, with China and Russia yet again. Egypt and some second world, and newly industrialized countries interested in exploring space, more will be talked about in this in the Future of Space. Space has been around forever, and as humans it is our job to explore it. On October 4, 1957 Russia, formally known as the Soviet Union, successfully launched Sputnik 1; earth’s first artificial satellite (Dormany NP). It stayed in space for 96 days and took 1400 revolutions around the earth before it deteriorated into the unknown corners of space. (Dormany NP) There were a lot of people who before that had been interested with space, like the ancient Greeks making conciliations in the stars, which some people still use today. “’The Heavens & the earth: A Political History of the Space Age’ was a Pulitzer Prize winning article written by Walter McDougall” (Dormany NP). America had a very hard time in space at some points. The Apollo 12 ship did not even lift of the ground before it had 3 American astronauts’ dead. There was a problem in the control
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Sims-Ruhe 2 board that sent a spark setting a fire in the hatch where the astronauts were in and they were not
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Comello Research paper. - Kyle Sims-Ruhe Mrs Comello Mrs...

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