Notes Clst 264

Notes Clst 264 - the townspeople City council offices were...

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Notes Clst 264 2/24/11 Latin word for colonist, means farmer -Rome sent out colonist out to set a foothold in central Italy Samnite Wars, -Rome lost a lot of battles but never lost the war 241 BC -Romans have taken over all of Italy Le terne Altilla -Proves samnites had all the same architectural structures as the  Romans Piertrabbondante, Theater/Temple 100BC -A lot of the same traits as the Romans -This area was probably where they got together to talk about  succeeding from Rome Groma  Surveying tool  Was used to make right angles in the land  Romans surveyed everything Allowed people to start out with the same opportunity  Also made markers for the Roman Roads Buildings around forums A basilica  Used as a law court, mayor had to listen to all the complaints of 
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Unformatted text preview: the townspeople City council offices were there as well Aedile Vice-Mayor Duumwir Two Mayors to listen Paestum: Forum Had pits Not consistent in any way, too far apart to rope something off No one has mad a good case on the purpose of these pits Piscina Big giant swimming pool, very similar to modern day pools Pompeii Used to be on coast before the volcanic eruption Build sub living units in the town then expand it on the outside Soil around the volcano is super fertile, which helps them Huge estates that are kept in decent shape by slaves that have been acquired in the war Social Wars 100-80 BC, Romans won the war, Pompeii was a rebel town, never got conquered directly...
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Notes Clst 264 - the townspeople City council offices were...

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