HW2 - Zachary T. White 12/3/10 Contemporary Engineering...

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Zachary T. White 12/3/10 Contemporary Engineering Issues Every day engineers strive to improve technology and push its boundaries. This is not an easy task. There are many issues engineers face in their quest to develop faster, friendlier, and cleaner technologies. Three such topics I have recently read about are: 3D displays, faster computing, and stricter automobile regulations. All of these upcoming technologies have their issues. With 3D televisions on the rise, many companies are exploring its possibilities. While watching TV with an extra dimension may sound like the pinnacle of your television watching existence, it is not without issue. According to the article, “3-D Without Four Eyes”, in the December edition of IEEE Spectrum Magazine, most people are not buying 3D TVs. There are two main reasons for this. One, about twenty percent of viewers suffer from discomfort such as headaches and eye strain. And two, larger 3D displays require the addition of special eyewear. This is where the engineers come in. The next step in 3D viewing is to eliminate the special glasses, and to reduce possible discomfort. Many ideas have been prototyped and proven to work, but they suffer from reduced resolution, brightness, and viewing angles. I look forward to seeing this technology mature in the years to come. From my experience, most people do not know what to think of these new 3D TVs. The hassle, (and expense!) of wearing special glasses is a major turn off. But I believe that 3D displays will be a great contribution to society once the technology has been mastered. With 3D displays you can literally exponentially increase the space on your computers
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HW2 - Zachary T. White 12/3/10 Contemporary Engineering...

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