Chemistry 1053 - Chemistry 1053 (Health Sciences)...

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Chemistry 1053 (Health Sciences) Instructor: Dr. Doctor Review Material Liquid Mixtures Solutions : A solution is a homogenous mixture of two or more substances evenly distributed in each other. It consists of two parts: a solid, liquid, or gases that have dissolved in liquid material. The dissolved substance is called solute and the liquid is called solvent . Properties: 1) can have a variable composition 2) are always clear 3) homogenous 4) do not settle 5) may be separated by physical means 6) will pass through filter paper Factors Affecting Solubility : Temperature: Solids become more soluble at higher temperature while gases are less soluble Pressure: Solids and liquids not affected but gases are more soluble at higher pressure Surface Area: The amount dissolved remains the same but finely powdered solids dissolve faster than lumps Stirring: It also makes dissolution faster Nature of the Solvent: Iodine more soluble in alcohol than in water. In general polar substances dissolve in polar solvents. Solid solutions prepared by
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Chemistry 1053 - Chemistry 1053 (Health Sciences)...

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