Management CH. 1

Management CH. 1 - Management the process of reaching...

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Management the process of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and other organizational resources Management functions activities that make up the mgmt process: planning, organizing, influencing, controlling planning choosing tasks outlining how tasks must be performed when focuses on attaining goals --outline what organizations must to do be successful, organizational success for short term and long term goals organizing assigning the tasks developed under planning creates a mechanism to put plans into action influencing guiding the activities of organization members in appropriate directions appropriate direction: any direction that helps the organization move toward goal attainment --increase productivity controlling gather information that measures recent performance w/i organization compare present performance to preestablished performance standards from this comparison determine whether the organization should be modified to meet preestablished standards organizational resources human- people who work for an organization, skills they possess and knowledge of work system monetary- amounts of money managers use to purchase goods and service for organization raw materials- ingredients used directly in manufacturing of products capital- machines used during the manufacturing process managerial effectiveness managements use of organizational resources in meeting organizational goals [if a mgmt is using it's resources to attain their goals, the managers are said to be effective] managerial efficiency proportion of total organizational resources that contribute to productivity during the manufacturing
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Management CH. 1 - Management the process of reaching...

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