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pg1 - RD Hem ‘I A5 Sept“ 03C outcomes adhere NM is an...

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Unformatted text preview: RD Hem ‘I. A5 Sept“ 03C outcomes adhere. NM is an bum number B)! 82-17 of datum whore. ‘HqL ran [‘5 gram-ten- khan 3 A={2,4~.c,} 9344,54,} .AUflpr-{ZH-f-SAo} (Au&)°={1.3} O‘q tlru. other hand, A‘nau {1,5,5}n {1.2.3} = {1.5} Also, AnE>= {fine} amok @mb)“: {1,z,s,5} Jn Mam, A‘urb" ={1.3,5} u{1.z.3} = {1.236} :‘V BLMoqanl‘S laudS' hOIOL sz A mi. E, 0m; tum.) «ECU-M1 sits (a) To Show N: (AcflB)U(A°fl a“) M Ef- (A 022‘) UCNHE'“) tn To Show that MEWS are. zVIu-L, wawou/LJL show that: ML Eli/{ffwflxra Sufism/t1 of {may offiér- /\ swam xe A“. 7m 9665 (A‘flm Ur erk‘fl 2"“) #7 lg (Am BJUfiAcn 3‘) ...
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