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pg3 - [91?ro £171 5 607° fiansbs 70?Choaofoutt Alf-0...

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Unformatted text preview: [91 ?ro £171 5 607° fiansbs , 70%?Choaofoutt, Alf-0%, gath- To JC‘hA': Prob“bihhj that a Y‘Omdamln.’ mead, sfudwb is Muffin-0r a genius nor a ghowfoube. Lot/1r”. Suppom, 6: event: that The. chosen student“ is a genius o: v v V w w / “chemist-L!” P(e}= o-a, FCC): 0'7 PM nc) =.- PG. amLC.)*-' 0"} N2. womt to 3&de Par-aw) Pfiemc‘ = 1—P(€1LJC) " ’1#[P£€=0 +Pcc) —P(ar\<2)] :1—-[‘0'Cp +o-7 —o-4—] =0”! Roam 8 Jq ‘L‘hF/s p—rolokm, a, Key first step Ls trying to understand. what Cf/Hfinb'ififfi M m fiohi “to compare. Let us start Elf diffmhj Pi. to be, the, probmbm'iy of (Miami-'13 against Hue. apponmt Fla-3&4 a flu. Ln", turn- -. You LUUL win 17%;, tamnamenb [+2 flout («UM against The. 2nd. pioujer (mama Trrobmlgilii—Vj Pa), l‘h addifi'on to winmhfl against at Last one. :3; the. other tum Monger-s. ...
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