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pg2 - Pro Hem 1‘9 Three,0th C1 C1 Cg ‘HH TT HT Pick Ci...

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Unformatted text preview: Pro Hem 1‘9 Three, (,0th C1 C1. Cg ‘HH TT HT Pick Ci Caren at (madam _ T083 it. Result is head. Glhvtnfi’u. ragalt; (Me. Know ,ej‘flfior C. or" C3 was pic/Keri (Ema! tossed . ’37!)anan that Car-M; up To flfiti oppo-SHPQ. SFGLL is a. L-QLL- Wow/ntha-t W A A L21; A:Event that: hes—«1.5 Came. “19' BI QPpositt. SKULL L9 0L {TM-L Pub/AP? mum HAHN: P(AIE>)P£B) = 1/3'5/2 _ .— = 1/ PCA) pm 72 3 ___——-— .9; ‘ that SIHCJL 3W rum-.3 [92. The. raw nnj to kaag;r¢( me. 0mm. 3cm, is arm a. We? mic, fh—v—prbwm‘i L5 '/2. “Tin/Ls its Mmr¢cli, MW, Mam (Jun/n that W Cam “’1” LE: 1: mes-re MW filmed: the. MW 00!?“ DOM wom- Ugh? Condition-3mg), a5 40’“ (dowel Squaw the. 0903 Q ...
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