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miss 6 - Click on the icen to read the news clip:= then...

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Unformatted text preview: @ Click on the icen to read the news clip:= then cnmplete Wage rate tdellars per the following steps. The graph shows the competitive market fer retail la ® Sorry, that's not con Use the three—pnht ten] to draw the new demand a uninn s1:Iccessfi.llljur enters the market fer retail la i1 DU. Sorry, 3mm answer is not correct. A sample correct answer: Wage rate {dollars per hour} Use the threchpnint ten} tn {haw the new supplyr mien successfilllj.r enters the market for retail labor. it .5“ _ U Use the point ten} tn tiraw a point at the new quantityr of labor and equilibrimn wage rate. I} 1EI-I} mu EDI]- 4I14} SDI} EDI]- fluantity of labor [number nfwnrkers} ...
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