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Unformatted text preview: Think about the demand fer the three popular game consoles: max; PS3, and Wii. What is the effect efths {chewing events in tbs market for me: games, other things remaining the same? A.Pregrammers whiz- write cede for X30}: games become more cestljur te hire. E. The prices efa PS3 anda Wiifall. C. Censmners‘ incomes increase. D. ThspriceefanXB/exgameis expectedtefall. Event A the X30}: games. {fl-A. decreases; demand for -:j:_:- E. increases; demand for .31.?!“ I2. decreases; quantityr demarsied of -:j'_j:- D. increases; quantityr demanded of Evem E the me}: games. {ll-A. hereases; «quantityr demanded of -:j:j:- B. decreases; quantityr demanded of .133!“ I2. decreases; demand for Qu estien is com plete. Event C the X30}: games. {jar—a. decreases; demand for it!" B. increases; demarxi fer -:j_'j:- I2. increases; quantityr demanded of -'j:j:- D. decreases; quantityr demanded of Event D the X30}: games. {fa decreases; demandfer -:j:j:- B. increases; demand for 5::- IZ. increases; u:[ua.1:||titj,.r demanded of ...
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