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econlab016 - nut-tulle I v.1-rllurr-nul u Iu-u u:ng(ll(3 0...

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Unformatted text preview: nut-tulle I v.1-rllurr-nul u- Iu-u u- {:ng (ll (3 0 ® . D W 5.4 Chapter Problem 12de Emerdsefimre: [II at 1 pt Assignmntfimre: 30% {E at 20 p15] final-21] complete 5\ Read the news clip= then complete the following statements. The Right Price tor Digital Music: Wily .99 cents per song is too much... and too little. Ifthepricingschemedescxibedinthenewsclipwere _ _ adopted, fl]: market would he _hecause _ Apple‘s 99—cents—foI—everyth1ng model isn‘t perfect. Isn‘t 99 cents too much to pay for music that appeals to just a fessr people? What we need 1s a system. that will continue to Ge. efficient; consumers pay the highest price they are willing to pay allocation on. inefficientthe socialcost “f2 Effidency occurs whenthepriceis suchthat marginal socialcost equalsmargina] sodalhenefiLamihtHscasethemmginalsocialcostiszero. x Click to select your answer, then click Check Answer. (3 r l:l : ...
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