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econlab020 - <Kl d ® D DD 5.3 Chapter Problem 1:1...

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Unformatted text preview: <Kl d @@ ® @ D DD 5.3 Chapter Problem 1:1: Emerlisefimre: u oi 1 pt AssignmntSmu-e: arses {15 oi as p13] lEu‘fZfl complete 55 Tbs graph sbews tbs market for tulips. N Usstbspnint tool to drawapuintattbs equilibrilmpfics anieq'lfilibrimnquanfily. Labslit 1. Suppusstbathlfipsarstaxsdfiablmhanitbattbstaxis entbs ssllsrseftulips. Uss tbs line tool to draw a cut“: that sbews tbs sfi'sct of tbs tax. Labs] it. Use tbs point too] to imiisats tbs price paid by buyers and tbs quantity bought. Label i1 2. rs- Euysrspay$l§|eftbstaxanissflssspay$loffhfim_ _ . _l . , - _ ., {1' 213' 41:} ED ED 10D 12'IIII 1411} Gu anfity' {bunches per week} =-=-=- Draw enly.r the objects specified in the question. Enter anyr number Dr expression in each of the edit fieldsf then click Cheek Answer. ® ”mm-nu cum-“cw | $ ...
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