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econlab021 - WVVVVVVVVVVVV in vv Exams-aura o of 1 pt...

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Unformatted text preview: WVVVVVVVVVVVV in vv' Exams-aura: o of 1 pt Asignllmntficn The graph shows themarket for tulips. Use the point too] to draw a point at the equilibrium) price and eqlfilibtm quantity. Label it 1. Supposethattulipsaletaxed$6abumhamlthatthetaxis onthe selleIso‘ftulips. Use the line tool to draw a curve that shows the effect of the tax, Label it, Use the point too] to imitate the price paid by buyers and the quantityr bought. Label it 2. I3... BI? Buyetspay$4 ofthetaxamiselletspay$2 ofthetax. \ Enter anyr number or expression in each of the edit fields, then u.» unaptei I iuuiem m- @ Well done! The graph shows the effects ofa tax in the market for tulips. (higinaflytheptk:eis$14abumhFollowingthetax,thepIice pakibybuyetsis$18(fiomthedemamlcmve)amisellets receive $12a bunch(from the supply curve). SobuyfispayMofthemandseflerspayflofthetax. Price (dollars per bunch] D 5610 E30 IIlI'lII 44] El] 301m] Quantity (bunches per week] 120 I 140 ...
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