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Education is the hope of our future. Therefore, of all my service duties, tutoring is the one that I feel would make the most difference long term. There have been many times when I have helped fellow students or friends study for a test that they felt they would have failed. To see their faces when they pass or sometimes get 100% is priceless. I don’t always know how my help changes a person, but if it helps them to achieve and better themselves, it is a positive influence. There are times when a test is not involved and the tutoring is a matter of helping someone
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Unformatted text preview: comprehend a concept or information they cannot quite grasp. In this situation, communication is very important and when understanding of the material is achieved, it is an accomplishment for both of us. Usually, during this learning process a friendship develops as well. It seems to me this community service is a win-win situation. We both learn and give something to each other that makes each of us better people....
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