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PH1110-Burnham-Exp4-FrictionCD - boxes and calculate...

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The Mass-Dependence of Friction 1. Make free-body diagrams of a cart moving up and down the track. Label the forces. 2. Based on the above, write out Newton’s Second Law for each direction for both situations. 3. Solve the above equations for N, f, and μ. Answers must be in terms of m, g, a u , a d , and θ. 4. Insert into the box the v x (t) graphs for the three measurements, with data and boxes readable. WPI Physics Department 1 PH 1110 A10, [email protected] Name and section number: Connor Downie 1 Partner’s name and section number: Brian Doyon 1 Up: Σ F x = ma u = -sin(θ)(g) + μ(g)cos(θ) Down: Σ F x = ma d = sin(θ)(g) – μ(g)cos(θ) Σ F y = 0 = (m)(g)cos(θ) = N Σ F y = 0 =(m)(g)cos(θ) = N N = (m)(g)cos(θ) f = μ(m)(g)cos(θ) μ =[a u + sin(θ)(g)] / [(g)cos(θ)]
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5. Fill in this table, stating the units within the square brackets, and using four significant figures. If you are pressed for time, collect data now (yellow
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Unformatted text preview: boxes) and calculate later (green). Trial θ [°] m [kg] a u [m/s 2 ] a d [m/s 2 ] N [N] f [N] μ 1 1.256 .5003 .2675 .2007 4.902 .2413 .04923 2 1.256 1.0038 .2626 .2151 9.835 .4793 .04873 3 1.256 1.5073 .2554 .2170 14.77 .7087 .04799 Average: 9.835 .4764 .04865 Std dev: 4.028 .1908 5.094x10-4 Sd/ave: .4095 .4005 .01046 6. In your own words, summarize your results for N, f, and μ, using the standard form that you learned in Experiment 0. Explain why the fractional uncertainty, sd/ave, for one variable is so much different than for the other two. WPI Physics Department 2 PH 1110 A10, [email protected] a) b) c) The uncertainty for μ is so different because it is based on the contact surface. The surface itself did not changed, the only thing that changed was the weight applied to the cart on that surface which caused a change in acceleration and weight....
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PH1110-Burnham-Exp4-FrictionCD - boxes and calculate...

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