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Static Equilibrium 1. What are the conditions for equilibrium, expressed in both words and equations? The title “Static Equilibrium” implies that there is be another kind of equilibrium. Name and describe it. 2. For the case with the pin in place, sketch the two horizontal string forces acting on the extended object. Show their correct orientations, relative magnitudes, and relative positions. The coordinates, object, symbols, and vectors are provided for your convenience. Move the coordinate system to the location of the pin. 3. Fill in this table to see if you have met the condition for rotational equilibrium. i m i [ kg ] | F i | [ N ] θ i [degrees] F i [ N ] r i [ m ] | τ i | [ N*m] τ i [N*m] 1 .200 1.96 156 -1.79 i + .797 j .0200 i .0358 -.0358 k 2 .100 .981 41 .740 i + .644 j .0750 i .0555 .0555 k ∑| τ i |, ∑ τ i = .0913 .0197 k τ i /∑| τ i | = .216 k 4. For the case of no pin, sketch the three forces, in the same way as for Question 2. WPI Physics Department
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PH1110-Burnham-Exp8-EquilibriumCD - Static Equilibrium 1....

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