HW 7 - HW 7 Connor Downie B02 I tem 2 The total length is...

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Unformatted text preview: HW 7 Connor Downie B02 I tem 2 The total length is 100 ± .3 The chain dimensioning method takes all the tolerances and combines them allowing the m aker to compensate for the multiple possible length inconsistencies I tem 3 The total length is 101 ± .1 The baseline dimensioning method allows for nearly no inconsistencies between the m ultiple pieces, however i t is much more accurate in the long run because there is a smaller m argin of error I tem 4 Clearance Fit = leaving a few mm / fractions of an inch between parts to allow for slideage. Leaving space to allow parts to removed easily from an assembly Interference Fit = forcing parts to create friction by making them smaller than needed. Making parts smaller to prevent needs for a fastener ...
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