sex review t1

sex review t1 - • Nitric oxide • Prolactin • oxytocin...

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Review notes for Psychology 4470, Hyde and Delamater 11 th ed. Test One Concepts and studies for special attention: Chapter 1: Freud, Ellis, Hirschfeld Cross-cultural attitudes toward masturbation, premarital, extramarital, and same gender sex, and standard of beauty Table 1.2 Asian sexual values Cross-species comparisons Chapter 3: Convenience sample CASI Supportive wording Informed consent Cost-benefit analysis Kinsey report NHSLS Project sigma Snowball sampling Content analyses Masters and Johnson research Ethnography Talking computer Mean vs median Frequency vs incidence Chapter 4: All anatomical terms in bold: size, shape, location, function Figure 4.3 Supercision vs subincision Sperm motility and prostate gland Chapter 8: Sexual response cycle: all terms in bold Vasocongestion, vasodilation, vasoconstriction Figures 8.1 and 8.2
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Unformatted text preview: • Nitric oxide • Prolactin • oxytocin • criticism of Masters and Johnson • Kaplan’s model • Erection reflex vs ejaculation reflex • Female ejaculation • Retrograde ejaculation • Limbic system • Testosterone • Human pheromones • Menstrual synchrony • Autoeroticism vs masturbation vs hand-genital stimulation • Advantages and disadvantages of various sexual positions • Types of oral sex • Tribadism Chapter 11: • Similarity in attitudes vs personality • Interpersonal marketplace • Reinforcement theory and liking • Sexual strategies theory • Intimacy • Self-disclosure • Triangular theory of love • Attachment theory of love • Passionate vs companionate love • Two-component theory of love • Individualistic vs collectivist cultures and love...
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sex review t1 - • Nitric oxide • Prolactin • oxytocin...

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