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exam 1 study guide - Psychology 3640 Concepts or studies...

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Psychology 3640 Concepts or studies from Strong et al., 11 th ed. for special attention, test 1 Chapter 1: % of U.S. adults who are married Spirit marriage Monogamy; polygamy, polygyny, polyandry Family of orientation Conjugal; consanguineous Ahron’s position on divorce Popenoe’s position on divorce Marquardt (2006) Chapter 3: Patrilineal; matrilineal Patriarchy Bundling 19 th century change in fertility Companionate marriage Tables 3.2 and 3.3 Familism vs individualism Chapter 4: Note: Mead quote p. 105 has been contradicted by more recent anthropological and genetic research Egalitarian vs matriarchal societies Stevenson and Wolfers 2007 Male vs female in family decision making Transsexual; transgendered; transvestite; intersexed gender role gender stereotype: widely held but inaccurate generalization about males and females Androgyny Gender theory Social learning theory Cognitive developmental theory Gender differences in children’s literature and fairy tales Current differences between boys and girls in school performance
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exam 1 study guide - Psychology 3640 Concepts or studies...

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