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CalWORKs APPLICATION GUIDELINES California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) is a public assistance cash benefit program for low-income families with minor children. This brief questionnaire is intended to give VERY broad eligibility guidelines for CalWORKs applicants. If your family is potentially CalWORKs-eligible, you should apply to the Social Services Agency for a determination. If your family appears to be ineligible for CalWORKs, you may still be eligible for other benefit programs, such as Food Stamps and/or Medi-Cal . When in doubt, APPLY 1. Do you have child(ren) born in the United States - under 18 years of age in the home? Yes No 2. Is anyone pregnant? IF EITHER QUESTION #1 OR #2 IS ANSWERED "YES", PROCEED TO STEP 3. IF NO, STOP HERE. YOU MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR CALWORKS BUT MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR OTHER BENEFIT PROGRAMS. Yes No 3. Is one of the parent(s) of the minor child(ren) deceased, absent from the home, or receiving disability?
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